Changes to the Point of Sale plugin




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    this poses a problem as in before it was possible to hold the purchase history of a customer in Appointment Plus including when it was refunded, now it is no longer possible.

    Also the sales reports are incorrect because the refund cannot be entered in the system.

    I honestly do not understand why you would disable the option to hold negative amounts without thinking of all these implications. All the sales reports are now wrong, because a refund cannot be entered in the POS and the sales report needs to manually adjusted with the REFUND figures.

    Can you please allow this again? 

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    Shawn Reiterman

    Hi Daniele,

    Thanks for your feedback! We had to make these changes to correct a few issues occurring when processing transactions with the Point of Sale plugin. However, we understand your frustration and are looking into other options that would allow administrators to amend existing transactions, and make the sales reports more accurate. I’ll make sure to post an update once we have more details. 

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