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    This is not what i am look for. In the past, your staff has generated a unique link for my staff to be share with their prospect students so the student can be able to make an appointment with them specifically.

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    Hi Raquel,

    It sounds like you're looking to create a new link for a Counselor. If this is the case, you will want to follow the steps listed in this article for creating Staff Member Links. Please note that you will need to click the Enrollment Counselors tab in the first step. Simply add the required code and the id of the new counselor to the Location link found in the Customer View > Preview section of your account. When you test the new link, it should automatically hide the drop-down option to select a counselor and only show students their available times. 



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    this still does not help what we need to trouble shoot regarding our link. Wanted to start a ticket since this does not help us. - laura

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