8.5.0 Release Notes




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    I am still experiencing problems of customers getting charge with no appointment created.  Fix did not work.  Is this issue known with other browsers?

    • Customers charged for appointments, no appointment created 

    The application has been updated to ensure that Customers scheduling from an Apple Mac computer and Safari browser combination will be able to successfully book and pay for an Appointment when cookies are not set from a referring website. In some situations, the Customer was being charged, but because cookies were not saving the session of the user, the Appointment would not be created after the transaction was completed. The update will prevent this from happening and ensure that Mac/Safari users are not impacted by local cookie storage issues.

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    Shawn Reiterman

    Hi Kowyang,

    Thank you for raising this concern. We are aware that this fix did not address this issue for all browsers. Our development team is currently working to address this defect in a future release. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. 



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    Should I be asking my customers what browsers they are using when the problem occurs to assist in gathering data?

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