8.1.3 Release Notes




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    Re:  The appointment booking flow for customers has been updated to prevent situations where customers attempt to pay for an appointment that doesn't get completely and accurately booked. In some situations, when a user was selecting an open time slot, if the page wasn't fully loaded, the appointment booking process would be compromised. The customer would still be sent through the payment process, but when completed, the appointment was not completely saved to the calendar. In order to address this situation, the page is being updated to ensure users cannot select a time slot until all available slots within the day selected has fully loaded on-screen.


    Still encounter issues, problem still not resolve.  Customer pays and does not receive an appointment.  This has been an ongoing is since 2013.  Very frustrating, customers and my business is suffering.


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    Shawn Reiterman

    Kowyang - I'm very sorry that you have been impacted by this issue for so long. We are working to find a solution for you as soon as possible and will send you an update through the ticket system when we have more details. 

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