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    Hi all,

    Please restore the feature allowing the reservation of multiple time slots in one go. The recent changes at the beginning of the month means we are now making a separate reserve about 200 times per week, instead of the 24 that we used to do before the update. This change is producing a lot of extra work, costing us not only time, but money.

    Reserving multiple times slots is important to us because we have providers who have openings only for a couple hours a day at random times. On any day of the week, we need to reserve 14 time slots per day per provider!

    We also reserve times for specific exam types as they all have different deadlines which have a monetary penalty of -$150 per exam for us if we can't schedule within a specific time frame. So we reserve time for particular exams and open them up as needed.

    Using the reserve lighting bolt rather than modifying the template also allows us to add notes for the particular reservation, which is needed as we have multiple schedulers. The notes inform the schedulers why the provider is not available at that time, or lets them know what type of exam can be scheduled in that slot.

    Please see the attached image. 6/30/2014 was created before the change and shows a reservation that spans multiple time slots. 7/1/2014 shows a reserve created for each time slot.

    Thank you very much!

    -Lisa Tulchin

    Reserving Multiple Appointment Slots.jpg
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    Shawn Reiterman

    Lisa - Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to reserve multiple time slots with a single reserve time when the time slot duration and start time increments are not the same. This change was made because the reserve times were not accurately blocking out the correct duration, giving customers the ability to book appointments during unavailable time slots.

    For example, a schedule of 30 minute time slots is created with the time slots starting every 15 minutes. Before the update, a reserve time with a duration of 30 minutes would block out two 15 minute slots, each with a duration of 30 minutes, however, the reserve time would only block out the first 15 minutes of each time slot. This resulted in giving customers the option to schedule appointments starting at the second 15 minutes of each time slot.

    Moving forward, it will only be possible to use the Quick Reserve (Lightning Bolts) option to accurately block out the correct time slot duration when the start time increments and duration of time slots are not the same. 

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