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    There is an incongruity in your system (or I've missed something). In Settings, Preferences, Appointments, Question 2 you answer that a client can book an appointment 730 days in advance; but, in Settings, Preferences, Client View, Question 33 it limits the Calendar View to 10 months.  So, there is no way for a client to book an appointment more than 10 months in advance - since they cannot see a Calendar more than 10 months in advance! There is no way for the Client to see the next 10 month cycle.  What am I missing?

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    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your comment, that is a great question! You are correct that the option to adjust the number of calendars that show on the Customer View will limit how far in advance users can view availability. However, if you allow scheduling more than 10 months in advance, we recommend only showing a single calendar. When only showing one calendar, users will be able to click the arrows at the top to switch months and view available times for more than ten months. 


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    Hi! Shawn, can the customer make appointment from customer view page?

    The calendar that show in my the Customer View  is in grey, how I can ability it?

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    KB Admin

    Hi Claudia,

    Thanks for your comment. I recommend checking your settings to make sure customers can view the schedule. Click on the Settings tab, then click on the Appointments section in the list of preferences. Preference #2 will control how far in advance customers can schedule, and Preference #5 will restrict their ability to book appointments for a specific number of days from the current day. For example, you can allow customers to book 30 days in advance, but require the appointment to be at least 2 days past the current day.


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    Under our customer view, the calendar is showing some dates blocked out when we are open.  I've checked the Test Sites several times and the dates and times we are open are correct.  If you click the date next to the incorrectly blocked out date, it will allow the student to schedule an appointment for the blocked out date that should be available.  Is there any way to fix this?

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    Is there a setting that will gray-out days that have no available appointments left or to highlight the days the do have time slots open? The call center staff have trouble finding days with open availability since we book up quickly, and when a cancellation frees up a spot it can get lost in the shuffle since other staff don't know it has opened up until a report is run. 


    Thank you,



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    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to automatically gray out full days or highlight the days that still have available times. The best solution is to run a saved report on a regular basis to check the availability of open time slots. 


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