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    Can I exclude Events from my Appointment report? Or make it so that they only are listed 1 time, and not listed for every single client assigned.
    Example: When I run a report for All appts, all appt types, all therapists,  I then see the Events listed as appts for each client assigned to the event. 
    I only want the event to be listed once, but it ends up being listed 9 times, for the 9 clients assigned to the Event.
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    KB Admin

    Hi Lauren – Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to exclude Events from the Appointment Report or limit the number of results that show for each Event. The only way to exclude Events is to run the report for one specific Appointment Type at a time. 

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    Can I schedule reports to run automatically?


    Thanks! - Jason

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    Hi Jason, thanks for your comment. We currently don't have that feature available, however you can always add that as a future enhancement request. Here is the link to submit a request

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    How do i disable the ability to run reports for select users.

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