How do I disallow a customer from making appointments if their package is fully used?




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    I have all settings set to Yes except for no. 6 in the Packages settings. The reason is that I have three pricing tiers for my tutors lessons, and three types of packages, so I cannot rely on the automated assignment of the package. Besides, I am asking the tutors when there is more than one package to choose from, to finish up the old one first, then when the old one is used up, to select the new one.

    Problem is, sometimes tutors forget to pick a package when creating an appointment. Sessions happens, marked complete, but the count of the used sessions does not go up, because the package is not associated. Unless I go check all completed appointments, I don't know if the count of used packages is right, ending up paying the tutor without taking the corresponding payment from the student.

    Is there a way to either 1) prevent booking (or confirming a request by the student) fif a package is not selected or 2) orevent marking complete a session not linked to a package?
    That would make review of all completed sessions much quicker and more robust.

    Incidentally, would it be possible to see in the mobile version of Appointment Plus info about packages available / sessions used by an individual student?

    What happened to the revamped version of Appointment Plus (cloud side) that I was hoping to see in the first half of 2015?



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    Hi Roberto,

    It is possible to require end users to select a package when scheduling online, (Packages Preference #5). Unfortunately, there isn’t a setting that would require administrative users to select a package when adding appointments. The mobile apps are very limited at the moment and would not give you visibility to information about Packages. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend using the Appointment report to check for appointments marked as completed without a package assigned, and then use the Package report to find out if those users have open packages.



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