Can we require customers to use a package when booking online?




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    Hanover Park

    I have been having Carriers enter their own appointments, with that, Carriers get more freight they need to schedule as it arrives at their appears their is no way for them to go in and update to add the freight to an already existing appt......therefore they enter another appt even though the same truck will be arriving....this not only take up a slot but it will also sku the data we pull on # of appts, carrie etc......Question:  Is their a way they can update their existing appt, I did not see when I tested....they can not got to their existing appt....they can only cancel or print confirmation....Please advise..

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    KB Admin

    Hanover Park – Thank you for your comment. It is not currently possible to allow end users to update their own appointments. Only administrative users can update the details of existing appointments. You can however vote to have this functionality added "here" as other clients already requested it. In the meantime, I recommend adding some extra text to the Customer View to let carriers know to contact you to update existing appointment details. There are many options available for adding custom text to the Customer View from the Pages/Text section of Site Administration. More details about those options can be found here:

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