How to Delete Staff Member (User) Profiles




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    Thank you for the response.

    Have the Appointment from 2014 and older been deleted from our Appointment Plus?

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    KB Admin

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for asking! It can take up to three days after we receive your consent to complete a request to delete customer records. To learn more about that process and to download a copy of the consent form, please review this article:



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    Debbie Poe

    I have a little problem..  I had a staff member entered in the system and now for some reason the name is missing but the access type is still there.  When I go to schedule an appointment for the staff member, her pages are still there but her name does not appear at the top.  In the drop down for select a staff member:  where her name is normally, is now just a blank space.  If I click on it, her schedule appears.  When I go into the Staff Members tab and try to click on the one with the blank name, it won't let me open it up to edit it.  Can you help me with this, I have never experienced this situation before...I hope my question makes sense.

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    KB Admin

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for reaching out about the issue. It looks like the screen name of the profile was deleted and it does not include a first or last name that would normally give you access to select it and make changes. I updated the screen name of the profile to YLS, so you should be able to click on it from the Photographers tab and make your changes. 

    - Shawn


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    Dr. Perryman

    Accidentally deleted a user that had appointments scheduled!  Any way to recover?

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    I have deleted some users. Is there a way to get them back?

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