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    Brandon (Oregon)

    is it no longer possible to send text only emails with customer names auto added through appointment plus?

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    KB Admin

    Hi Brandon,

    It is still possible to include a customers first and/or last name in the salutation text of email notifications. You can adjust those settings at any time by clicking on the Settings tab, and then clicking the Notifications link below the preferences list. 



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    Appointment Change Email is also generated when a Customer Note is added or an Appointment Note is added.

    This is incredibly annoying to our customers who end up receiving lots of unnecessary emails.

    I reported this a long time ago and I keep being told it is in development. How long does it really take to fix this?

    It is not that difficult to fix. Considering that it was working as indicated in the past and only started doing this 18 months ago. 

    We even lost customers who are fed up with receiving emails from us.

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