Does the system send out email appointment confirmations?




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    Tammy Foss

    I checked both of these and they are set up correctly. The error we have been experiencing is intermittent, affects multiple therapists' email addresses and has caused us to miss client appointments.


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    KB Admin

    Tammy – I’m sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. You're notification setting appear to be correct, especially if you normally do receive confirmation emails for appointments. I recommend adding a support ticket in the Help section of your account the next time this occurs. Please provide enough detail about the appointment and who didn’t receive the notification so our support team can investigate the issue for you.


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    How do we designate unique confirmation emails for different service bookings? For example we would like to use different instructions content for different service bookings for our licensee's customers. Theoretically, these instructions would be delivered in the confirmation email unique to the service requested. Currently Appointment Plus seems to only have a ubiquitous email for all bookings regardless of the service requested. Please advise.

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