How do I add my logo to the customer view?




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    I have tried to reduce the pixels to upload our ATSU logo and not having any success.  I will need to know if this is a charge to our account to request your assistance.  If so, this will have to be approved by my learning resources director.  We are updating Learning Resources webpages to comply with ATSU styleguide for all internal and external A.T. Still University publications.   It is a requirement the header represent the ATSU logo on all appointment plus pages.   I will contact our Communications & Marketing to see if they can assist with the pixels of our logo in order to upload on the layout page.  

    Cathy Wood

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    Shawn Reiterman

    Hi Cathy,

    You have the option to use plain text or a custom logo. After clicking the Layout tab, you will notice two options for adding a logo, they are Customer View Logo, and Customer View Header. If you have the logo file, click the browse button to upload the logo, then set the Use “Custom Header” option to No and click the Update button. This will ensure the header uses the logo you uploaded instead of the content you added in the Customer View Header section.



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